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SBL: Strategic Business Leader


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39 Hours

About the Course


The Strategic Business Leader exam is designed to mirror the workplace and requires you to demonstrate a blend of technical, ethical and professional skills. It tests your ability to function as an accountant in a simulated workplace and asks you to respond to requests from people in various roles. It won’t only be the technical quality of your answer that matters, but how professional your response is.

Strategic Business Leader covers the following areas:

  • Leadership, professionalism and ethics and corporate governance

  • The respective roles and responsibilities of directors, the relevant committee structures and the effective scrutiny of the performance of senior management, demonstrating their accountability by reporting more widely and holistically to stakeholders under an integrated reporting <IR> framework.

  • How to determine strategy and assessing the strategic position of the organisation

  • Evaluating and implementing strategic options

  • The identification, assessment, and control of risk as a key aspect of responsible leadership and management.

  • The application of IT and security controls at all levels of the organisation from strategic considerations including big data, machine learning, e-business, cloud computing and smart technology through to using IT in the management of information, controlling organisations, and in financial and organisational operations.

  • The financial aspects of managing an organisation, including evaluating available sources of finance and key financial and management accounting techniques to analyse performance and to support decision-making.

Choose your Study Mode:

This module is offered in Classroom, Online Live, Pre-recorded Only or Pre-recorded with Tutor support


Price includes for all options:

• Course material tutorial support notes

• Revision notes

• Revision Practice Kit

• Other further practice questions

• Progress Test

• Pre-recorded lectures

• Access to online course resources

*Mock exam is also included in this price

Your Tutor

A Lecturer from BPP

A Lecturer from BPP


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