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Foundation in Accountancy Qualification.

If you are starting out in accounting and finance or already working in finance but have no formal qualifications, you can start your journey with ACCA at our foundation level.

The Foundation Level qualifications consist of an award the ACCA there in Accounting and Business. The ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business is recognized as MQF level 5 in Malta and is awarded on the completion of the 3 exams and the completion of the foundations in professionalism.

This diploma is suitable for entry and exemption to the ACCA Qualification.

  • FBT: Business and Technology

  • FMA: Management Accounting

  • FFA: Financial Accounting

  • Foundations in Professionalism 


Foundations in Professionalism

Foundations in Professionalism is an online ethics module which can be completed before or after the exams but must be completed if you wish to receive certification for the award you have achieved.

This module is done online through myACCA account. This is free of charge.

Entry Requirement

There are no minimum entry requirements for the Foundation in Accountancy Qualification. This means that you do not require any knowledge or qualification to start the course as it is designed for people who are just starting out on their business education journeys.

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