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SBR: Strategic Business Reporting


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42 Hours

About the Course


The Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) exam requires you to demonstrate your ability to make strategic business reporting decisions. Building on your existing knowledge and skills, in SBR you will need to link accounting issues to relevant concepts in practical situations. You will need to demonstrate judgement and often consider the perspective of different stakeholders such as investors in your answers.

As well as demonstrating a sound understanding of the specific technical knowledge relating to group financial statements you will also need to exercise professional and ethical judgement.

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This module is offered in Classroom, Online Live, Pre-recorded Only or Pre-recorded with Tutor support


Price includes (for all options):

• Course material tutorial support notes

• Revision notes

• Revision Practice Kit

• Other further practice questions

• Progress Test

• Pre-recorded lectures

• Access to online course resources

Your Tutor

A lecturer from BPP

A lecturer from BPP


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